Welcome to Lancaster Works!  We believe that anyone can shine if you give them the opportunity, and giving opportunities is exactly what we do!

Picture yourself in a job that you’re great at. It plays to your strengths, it pays a livable wage, and you’ve got the support you need to succeed. Can you see it? Lancaster Works wants to make that your reality. 

We believe that the right job can transform your life and we are equipped to help you find it. Are you ready to shine? Head over to our Jobs page to apply online, or learn more about our Employee Services!

Transforming Communities One Good Job at a Time

Lancaster Works is Lancaster County’s only social enterprise employment agency. We envision a community in which all residents have access to family-sustaining employment. To do this, we connect companies seeking a high-quality workforce with employees who are prepared for success. Please visit our Employer Services page to learn more!

“I cannot say enough about Lancaster Works and how it has helped me out. 
I would have never known about this job without Lancaster Works. 
I'm very grateful for that.”
Earl Bynum
previous Lancaster Works employee

The Lancaster Works staff is a diverse team of workforce experts dedicated to reducing poverty rates in Lancaster through providing long-term, high-quality jobs for local residents. They are ready to help you today! For more about who we are, check out our About Us page.