Partnership Opportunities


We can achieve more together.

At Lancaster Works, we are dedicated to the goal of transforming our community by providing more people with everything they need to succeed. If your organization shares that goal, then we invite you to join us in a Collective Impact Partnership (CIP)—an alliance of like-minded organizations working towards a common purpose.

Lancaster County leadership has affirmed that establishing a prosperous community is their top priority and they have enlisted the aid of the United Way of Lancaster’s Collective Impact Committee (CIC). This committee helps to steer the combined efforts of our CIPs toward lasting, positive change in the community and provides support to the backbone agencies and collaborating organizations.

Regionally, our CIP will aim to optimize the Economic Engine, which is essential to maintaining the other community pillars. Together, we can establish a Workforce Development Model that will produce extraordinary outcomes, fully engage our collective physical resources, and maximize the ROI on our fiscal resources in a way that serves the community of Lancaster County in a way that transforms the lives of those in our target area.


“CEOs work to generate profits and return value to shareholders, but the best-run companies do more. They put the customer first and invest in their employees and communities.” – Tricia Griffith, President and CEO of Progressive Corporation

We believe that we can maximize our impact by forming a partnership with a common agenda—to create a regional Workforce Development Model that supports and prepares every participant for success, both professionally and personally, and to provide the Staffing Support necessary to sustain and improve that model.

Lancaster Works has already cultivated an impactful regional network; our organization is aligned with leading employers, education and training providers, and Human Service organizations. These relationships will provide our partnership with all the resources we need to build a fully equipped and engaged Workforce. Our regional efforts are further supported by other local and state agencies working in unison with global organizations.

Globally, we are supported and certified by B Lab, the agency that provides accreditation to B Corporations and holds them to the highest standards of social and environmental performance. The philosophy of B Corporations is to look beyond financial success and measure performance in three primary areas: “People, Planet, Profit.” As one of B Lab’s “Best For The World” 2019 Honorees, Lancaster Works has been recognized as a shining example of the impact that conscientious businesses can have when they focus on more than profit.

B Corporation philosophy is making waves throughout the business world: at last year’s Business Roundtable, 181 CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies signed a pledge to redefine the purpose of corporations and “promote an economy that serves all Americans.” These forward-thinking leaders are giving serious consideration to the long-term impact their organizations can have by leaving behind the “Stockholder Only” focus to one that encompass “All Stakeholders. A partnership with Lancaster Works will put your organization at the forefront of this dynamic movement.


When more people have access to everything they need to succeed, then more people will succeed!

With the considerable resources of Lancaster Works at our disposal and the visionary thinking of our Partnership’s leaders, we can establish a Workforce Development Model (WDM) with the potential to become a national standard. This WDM will support and guide individuals through the entire career continuum: from employment, to advancement, to (and through) entrepreneurship; it will equip them with everything they need to succeed. Our Partnership will be perfectly positioned to support other organizations as they begin to move forward alongside us.

We will test our Model through a select group of employers. Each of them will utilize our Personnel Performance Profiling (PPP) platform—essentially, a database of the top performers in key disciplines—to assess their workforce, identify the characteristics of their top performers in different job classifications, and apply their findings to the Individual Development Plan (IDP) for participants. The information in that database will also serve as a basis for Recruiting, Training, and Workforce Development efforts.

Each participant’s IDP will detail the resources required to empower them to fully implement their plan and become a proficient, productive member of the workforce. It will measure their individual progress toward specific goals with a metric-based tool and allow us to continuously prepare individuals for greater levels of responsibility and advancement.

We’re dedicated to the belief that anyone can succeed—and with our Partnership, we can help more people do so.

Organization/Agency Partners that share our common agenda and operate under the Model’s umbrella include:

  • Pennsylvania Bureau of Diversity Inclusion and Small Business Opportunities  
  • Career Ready Lancaster 
  • Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
  • Lancaster Society of Human Resource Management – Diversity Committee
  • Mayor’s Jobs Action Team
  • United Way 211 Committee
  • United Way Collective Impact Committee
  • ASSETS Lancaster-Owner of Lancaster Works at ASSETS, LLC
  • Empower Lancaster
  • Lancaster County Coalition to Combat Homelessness
  • Lancaster County Coalition to Combat Poverty

Partnership Success Indicators:

  • Increased Income and Sales Tax Revenues
  • Decreased reliance on Public Support
  • Decreased Crime Rates 
  • Decreased percentage/number of people living at or below Poverty level
  • Further replication of the Model